Class 2 Newsletter


12th January 2018

News: A great start to the new year and our new theme. We have been plotting co-ordinates and code breaking to begin our World War 2 Topic. We have continued with out multiplication and in English we have written about what the Blitz was like. We have just started work on explanation tasks. 

Reminder: Please could all children continue with their current homework and reading at  

Home learning: This is given out on a Tuesday to be returned the following Monday and spellings are to go out on a Monday and will be tested on a Friday 


17th November 2017

News: This week in maths we have been learning about missing number problems and word problems, putting into practice all of our addition and subtraction skills that we have been learning about over the last couple of weeks. We have also finished off our journeys topic in English and have stated looking at flashbacks, basing our work on the short film 'The Piano'. In addition, as it is anti-bullying week, we have been learning about how different members of the class are the same and different and how this makes us unique (which is a good thing!). Thank you to everyone who donated money for Children in Need today. The children of Class 2 had a fun time collating this money and putting it into bar charts today to show how much each class raised. Keep an eye out on the website/newsletter to see!

Home learning:  All children will have new sets of spellings coming home on Monday (ready to be tested on Friday) and topic home learning is due in on Monday.

Reminder: Please continue to read with you child at home daily. It has been shown that if you read regularly then this will have a positive impact on writing. 

10th November 2017

News: Wow! A fantastic well done to all children who took part in the Remembrance Day dance today in front of all of the parents who came to watch celebration worship.  You did a brilliant job and I am so proud of all of you! It wasn't an easy task to learn a Ragtime step and a Waltz in one week but you all did it! In addition, this week we have been writing our journey stories based on an example that we have been learning over the past week. In maths we have been finishing learning about subtraction written methods with some of us then moving on to applying this skill to problems. 


Reminder:  Please ensure you continue to read with your child daily. 


3rd November 2017

News: In English we have started a new topic looking at journey stories. We spent this week learning a model text and putting actions to it. We have also finished our topic on addition and are now applying these skills to subtraction. In the afternoon, we have been looking at Victorian workhouses and what it was like to live in one. 

Home learning: thank you to everyone who has completed the 'Maths in Daily Life' home learning task over the half term. If anyone has any more entries please make sure you hand them in asap. 

13th October 2017

News: This week the children have been learning all about non-fiction books and texts, understanding how to find information using an index and putting this into practice in geography where we located parts of the world which were under the rule of the British Empire during the reign of Queen Victoria. In maths, some of us have been learning about rounding and negative numbers where others have been putting their skills to practice from this term to solve mysteries and problems. 

Home learning: Topic grids have been sent home again this week for home learning. We have seen a fantastic range of tasks completed this term from cooking, to making planes to bar graphs and beyond. Well done to everyone for their fantastic efforts! Watch this space for a different half term home learning task to be sent on next week!

Reminder: Please can children be discouraged from bringing personal items from home into school. Although we do not do show and tell, we do have an 'All About Me' box which goes home with a different child each week on a Friday to be brought back the following Friday. This is a chance for that child to bring in anything special which tells the rest of the class more about them (we even sometimes get to see some baby pictures!). Please encourage your child to wait until their turn with the box. 


29th September 2017

News: This week Class 2 have been putting all of their grammatical skills to good use by beginning to write their newspaper reports based on the mysterious sightings around Coaley which have been sent into class for us to investigate! We have also continued learning about place value in maths by ordering and comparing numbers. We have also continued to learn about the work of William Morris in art this week, finding out what it is like to produce a product in a limited time frame (factory made) compared to having time to make a product (hand-made). We decided that we preferred the finished product of the hand-made product a lot more! 


Home learning: This week the children have been given the choice of picking a task from the Victorians home learning grid. This homework is due on Monday 2nd October.  


14th September 2017

News: This week in class 2 we have been learning about reports, reading lots of examples and putting actions to a newspaper report about the rescue of Little Red Riding Hood to help us to learn the text. In maths, we have been learning about numbers, how to build different numbers using a range of mathematical resources. In the afternoons, we have learnt about the life and work of William Morris (Victorian artist) and have created a human timeline to represent the Victorian period.

Home learning: This week home learning was sent out for the children to practice their times tables. Please ensure that all home learning folders are returned on Monday 18th.

7th September 2017

News: I would like to welcome everyone back after the summer break. It has been lovely to get to know the children this week. This week in class 2 we have been completing lots of 'get to know you' activities including an 'All About Me' maths activity where the children needed to create maths sums to use as clues to find out how old they were, the number of pets they have and so on. In English, we have written recounts about the summer holidays and have also written character descriptions based on the eye of a creature. 

Home learning: No official home learning activities have been sent home this week. Please make sure that you hear your children read regularly.