Class 3 - Curriculum

I believe that children learn best when the lessons are exciting, stimulating and children are actively engaged. I strive for all lessons to motivate children to become lifelong learners who are curious about the world around them.

I deliver The National Curriculum through a 2 year rolling programme.

In class 3 English and Mathematics are taught daily.

In English I use a combination of ‘Talk for Writing’ and delivering English through high quality books. The Talk for writing approach is where the children work on the spoken aspect of given genres before implementing this in their own writing and where possible, through a thematic approach, so to ensure skills are transferable.  I use high quality picture books as well as longer texts to engage the children in their learning of English. I also use these texts within guided reading to ensure total emersion in the text resulting in the best outcomes for writing and reading. Additionally, in guided reading the children work with teachers, TA and peers to discuss their reading orally and practise written comprehension in small groups.

Mathematics is taught using a mastery approach following The White Rose Hub materials.

Once the children are fluent in mathematical concepts I deepen children’s learning through problem solving and reasoning activities. Children have access to a wide range of exciting materials to support them with their understanding.

Science is an important part of the curriculum in Class 3 and helps develop children’s understanding of the world we live in. The science curriculum develops both children’s scientific knowledge and understanding and their investigative and experimenting skills.

Religious Education is based on the strategy ‘Understanding Christianity’. As a Church of England School we base our religious education on the Christian faith and our school values; as well as instilling in our children a respect and tolerance of other religious beliefs.

Computing, Geography, History, Music, Design and Technology, Art and Design, Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) and Physical Education are also given high priority in Class 3. As I want the children's learning to be exciting, relevant and purposeful, subjects will be delivered through a termly topic or theme. However, I will not force a fit, and where appropriate, some subjects will be taught discretely.

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