Coaley C of E Primary School Aims

Through a rich and varied, broad based curriculum we aim to

allow each child to experience success at his or her level

provide opportunities for each child to reach their full potential

provide an experience that is wide and varied without being superficial

meet each child's needs as they move through the education system preparing for life in the twenty first century

help each child to develop a lively, enquiring mind and high self esteem so that problems are seen as a challenge to be solved rather than as a signal to give up

encourage each child to use mathematics and language effectively and to find pleasure in their use

enable each child to develop a scientific approach

foster a sense of wonder and responsibility for the natural world around us

make every child aware of their 'heritage' and of the world into which they will emerge as adults

help every child to develop an appreciation of the language and culture of other nationalities

develop an awareness of human achievement in the arts and explore a variety of media in order to express creativity and imagination

instil a respect for religious, moral and spiritual values both in ourselves and others;

more specifically maintaining a Christian framework and upholding Christian principles

encourage a range of social skills that allow a child to take up his or her place in society.