Friends Of Coaley School (FOCS)

Coaley Academy is well supported by a very active "Friends" group. You can see in the photo album below some of the play equipment and playground markings they have provided.

The Friends of Coaley School (FOCS) was formed with the dual aim of providing close liaison between parents and school and of raising funds to buy extra items of school equipment. Every parent of a child at school is automatically part of the Friends group.

It is very well supported, and the parents involved have, over the years, put in a great deal of effort to both increase parent/school understanding and raising money. 

A whole range of events, barn dances, fashion shows, barbecues etc. have raised thousands of pounds for use throughout the school. 

Most recently FOCS has donated money to buy enough laptops for one class to all use and has had the school playground re-painted and a climbing wall installed.

The creation of a school allotment by FOCS has transformed an area of the school grounds and allowed the children to develop their gardening skills and their knowledge of healthy eating. There are further plans to extend this area into a 'Spiritual Garden' where children can grow things, marvel and reflect in peace.




Please come along and support FOCS, they raise an amazing amount of money which goes directly to all of the children at Coaley. New parents are always welcome.

Please click here to see current minutes from FOCS meetings

Meeting -18.1.18 

Meeting - 08.03.18 

Meeting - 07.03.19

Up-coming Events

FOCS Future Events:


15th June 2019 - Coaleyfest