The Tyndale Cluster

Coaley C of E Primary school belongs to a cluster of six small schools that work closely together, sharing expertise and ideas, so that we can continue to improve the quality of the service for our children. We work together in the following areas

  • Joint activities for children, for example in music, drama, art and PE
  • Staff development and training
  • Governor development and training
  • Information evenings for parents about the curriculum, e.g. Maths
  • Curriculum planning and development
  • Sharing resources and expertiseEvery other year the oldest children attend a residential visit with another school in the Tyndale Cluster, making new friends before moving on to secondary school.
Stround Area Schools Association (SAS)

Coaley C of E School also belongs to this association which is a partnership of 61 schools based around the Stroud and Dursley areas of Gloucestershire. This is the overwhelming number of schools in the southern part of the county and we have committed to work together to source services and professional development for all types of school staff in a cost-effective and efficient manner.  Quite simply, we are working together to create the best possible outcomes for the children of the area, against a background of rapid educational change.